Is this you?
  • You've started your business and love being a solopreneur, but aren't sure how to take it to the next level.
  • You have questions that keep you up at night about how to grow or manage your business.
  • You have business challenges, but don't know who to turn to for solid advice.
  • You wish you had a community of like-minded business owners you could talk to.
  • You know some areas of business really well, but aren't as comfortable in other areas and want to learn.
I'm Amy Poinsett. I'm a business strategist, advisor, and entrepreneur coach. I love helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses with confidence and clarity. 

How can I help you break through to the next level of success?
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How can I help you?
You started your business to have more freedom, to pursue your passion, and to gain more control of your life and future...

But do you actually feel alone, stuck, confused, or stressed?

At Business Breakthrough, we cover all the common constraints and bottlenecks that small businesses face. We'll dive deep into strategy, marketing, finance, team, technology, and operations, giving you everything you need to identify the root causes of your challenges and bust through them. We'll get you unstuck and feeling excited and confident.

You'll not only learn more than you can imagine about your own business, you'll also have the support of a community of other business owners.
"Amy absolutely rocks! She has a unique ability to translate complex business principles back to me in a way that makes sense at my level. Working with her has given me both confidence and a clear path to success. Amy's vast breadth of knowledge, combined with her naturally joyful and fun nature, make working with her a blast."
Jennifer Lynch
"I work with Amy because I respect her vast knowledge and many successes in her own businesses.Her ability to connect deeply, while being direct, honest AND uplifting are a perfect fit for my needs. She brings such joy and immense value to creating solutions to grow my business in ways I never imagined. Thank You!"
Ruth Hiller
"I feel so fortunate to have Amy in my corner. Her wealth of expertise and end-to-end knowledge of what it is like to not only run, but to GROW a business (and remain a balanced human while you're at it), is invaluable.
Amy has taught me how to go beyond just surviving in my business - she's helped me to thrive." 
Kalia Garrido
Who is Amy Poinsett?
As a founder of two start-ups, I help entrepreneurs transform their businesses and meet their goals. My background is rooted in results:

+ 15 years’ experience helping thousands of entrepreneurs create successful, sustainable businesses.

+ Bootstrapped company to profitability within 2 years—growing to $10M in annual revenue and 4-year recognition on the Inc. 5000 - Inc Magazine’s annual list of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

+ Developed first-to-market software for new market category, driving and maintaining 30%+ market share from inception.
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Business Breakthrough Coaching Blog

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