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21 Apr 2020
But I don't know what to say! Like you may be doing now, I've stared at the blank page, trying to come up with a message of positivity and hope when I feel like my world is burning down. So here are a few things to get you started.
15 Apr 2020
What you must start doing immediately. Okay, it's a crisis. Something bad, really bad, has happened and you have to now step up to be a leader as you never have before. There are a million things swirling in your mind that you think you should be doing... But one thing is absolutely the most important thing to do. Communicate - early, often, and with candor.
13 Apr 2020
What does "leading" mean? Merriam-Webster says leading is "providing direction or guidance". I like to think of it as shining a light on the path and showing others the way forward. When a crisis impacts a small business, entrepreneurs are suddenly thrown into a whole new world and the path that was clear yesterday is suddenly shrouded in fog and confusion. In those moments, we struggle with how to guide our teams, what to tell our clients, and how to deal with our own churning emotions and stress.

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